Digital X-rays

While visual inspection can identify surface decay and cavities, dental x-rays are the only way to detect cavities between the teeth – and the latest high-tech digital x-rays are very safe and effective. Digital radiography allows our dentists to get a complete and accurate picture of tooth decay and periodontal bone loss, without subjecting children to massive amounts of dangerous radiation.

Safety of Digital X-Raysgirl smiling after getting digital x-rays at the dentist

At Smiles 4 Life, we use digital x-rays, rather than traditional radiography, to obtain dental images. Digital radiography is much safer than conventional x-rays, as it exposes patients to much less radiation – up to 90 percent less. This dramatic reduction in radiation exposure is significant, as the effects of exposure accumulate over a lifetime and can cause dangerous health effects. And, since most dental patients require x-rays at least once a year, we believe it is important to minimize children’s exposure to radiation. Using these x-rays, along with lead body aprons and shields, we are able to make sure that your child receives the least possible amount of exposure.

Accuracy of Digital

Digital radiography uses the latest technology to capture images of your child’s teeth. Because digital x-rays are more sensitive than traditional x-rays, they can reveal tooth decay, bone loss, impacted teeth, cysts, abscesses and more – with much greater accuracy. Images are instantly available for viewing by our dental team, and we are able to enhance, enlarge and refine the images by adjusting the color, brightness and contrast. This allows our dentists to properly assess and diagnose dental problems. With dental x-rays, we can also easily show children their teeth, which can be both entertaining and educational.

How Digital X-Rays are Done in Columbus, Ohio

Dental x-rays are quick, painless and gentle for children. The process involves placing a soft stick in the mouth and holding it still for a few seconds while the technician takes an image. Both routine dental x-rays and x-rays in preparation for a procedure may require taking multiple images while holding the stick in different positions. With younger children, it may be necessary for a parent to assist with the process, but most older children find digital x-rays to be easy and even interesting. Because digital radiography does not rely on film like conventional x-rays, no chemical processing is required. This makes them not only more convenient, but also environmentally-friendly, as no developing are chemicals involved.

Along with digital dental x-rays, Smiles 4 Life in Columbus uses other advanced dental tools and equipment in caring for your child’s smile – contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art dental office.