Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies and trauma to the mouth can be quite painful and frightening for children. Whether your child has damage to the teeth, a lost filling or crown, or severe gum or tooth pain, the team at Smiles 4 Life will make every effort to quickly handle the problem to restore your child’s oral health.

Dental Emergencies — Fractured, Broken and Knocked-Out TeethChildren's Dental Emergencies Columbus, Ohio

Some fractured or chipped teeth may be fairly painless, but if the crack extends down into the root or if the root is exposed at the broken area your child may experience extreme pain. The best course of action with this dental emergency is to rinse the mouth with warm water and then use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Locate and save any broken tooth fragments, keeping them in milk, as it may be possible for our dentist to reattach them to the tooth.

If your child has knocked out a permanent tooth, it is essential to see the dentist as soon as possible – if the tooth can be placed back into its socket within an hour, the tissues may grow to support the tooth without requiring additional root canal therapy. To care for the dental trauma of a knocked-out tooth, rinse the tooth without touching the root and, ideally, place it back into the socket. If placing the tooth back in the mouth isn’t possible, keep the tooth in a cup of milk. Handling a broken or knocked-out tooth requires quick action, so contact Smiles 4 Life immediately.

Missing Fillings, Crowns, and Bridges

A lost filling or crown may not seem to be an urgent dental emergency; however, it can become painful for your child. When a filling or crown falls out, the exposed tooth tissue can become sensitive to temperature, pressure and air. Dental trauma can lead to a filling or crown becoming loose, but in many cases decay in the tooth is the cause – and, regardless, your child will need to have their restorative device replaced. If your child has lost a bridge, damage may have occurred to the anchoring teeth and it may be necessary have your child refitted for a new bridge.

Toothache and Gum Pain in Columbus, Ohio

If your child is experiencing pain in a tooth or in the gums, schedule a visit with our dental office for an examination right away. In the meantime, keep your child’s mouth clean, rinsing vigorously with warm salt water. Acetaminophen and a cold compress can help relieve your child’s pain until our dental team can provide the appropriate care.

Give Smiles 4 Life in Columbus a call immediately if your child has a dental emergency or dental trauma. If your child needs urgent treatment after hours, call our emergency number and listen to the recording for instructions.